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4-5.4.2020 TURKU
Homeopatia ja hammashoito!
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17.3.2020 EMAIL

MATKA Hahnemannin jäljillä 2021

Auf den Spuren von Hahnemann - Hahnemannin jäljillä - Matka Hahnemannin elämään ja oppeihin.
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HRI London 2019 - Programme Highlights

Presenting the latest insights into clinical research in homeopathy
Your rare opportunity to hear from the experts first-hand
Curious about the state of play for clinical evidence for homeopathy? What evidence do we have, what does it say and how is it being handled? If you want a comprehensive overview by the best minds, HRI London 2019 is the place to be.  
Keynote speaker Professor Robert Hahn will demonstrate how the data in damaging, high profile studies has been manipulated to reach negative conclusions for homeopathy, and in the same vein, Rachel Roberts will discuss how we can deal this sort of occurrence with particular focus on the Australian Report.
London will also be an unmissable opportunity to hear from researchers who are striving to deliver the best results for patients and achieving remarkable results, including the final keynote speaker in our lineup - Dr Elizabeth Thompson. 
Other inspiring talks from our international experts, include: 
Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot & Dr Ingrid Theunissen (France) - Homeopathy and expert consensus recommendations - unlikely bedfellows? New research in homeopathy and expert consensus recommendations in oncological supportive care
Dr Gualberto Díaz-Saez (Spain) - A homeopathic medication can improve upper respiratory tract infections in COPD patients: EPOXILO cohorts study 
Dr Anil Khurana (India) - An assessment of a public health initiative of homeopathy for primary teething
Dr Russell Malcolm (UK) - Demographic review of outcomes in an NHS Homeopathy clinic
Dr Raj Manchanda (India) - Effectiveness of homeopathic medicines as add-on to institutional management protocol for acute encephalitis syndrome in children: an open-label randomized placebo-controlled trial
Dr Elio Rossi (Italy) - Homeopathic treatment of atopic diseases: short and long-term results in a cohort of 563 atopic adult patients
For more information, including the full 2.5 day scientific programme, or to book your place visit www.HRILondon2019.org  

Best wishes,
Rachel Roberts & Alexander Tournier
HRI Conference Team
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